The company

picosecond diode laser; pulse-on-demand laser; ultrashort-pulse fibre amplifier; femtosecond MOPA; fibre amplifier for second-harmonic generation; ultrafast pump-probe measurements; picosecond electronics.

Ikeos Research Limited is a manufacturer of high quality optoelectronic devices and systems for a wide range of research applications. We specialise in technologies for generation and conditioning of ultrashort electrical and optical pulses, including picosecond and femtosecond pulse-on-demand (PoD) systems.

Our low-power, short-pulse diode laser sources are designed to operate as stand-alone equipment. On the other hand, the compact size, low cost and flexible controls options make them ideally suited for integration in complex, custom-designed, optoelectronic configurations. Devices with specification "single-shot operation" are guaranteed to function at any frequency below the frequency limit when triggered externally.

Most of the amplified systems are "true pulse-on-demand", featuring a built-in, externally-triggered seed source, rather than an internal mode-locked laser. The output pulse duration is usually pre-set in range 0.3ps - 200ps, and the range for output pulse energy is 1 nanoJoule to >10 microJoules.

One particular application is the ultrafast pump-probe measurements. Signals from two or more of our devices can be easily electronically synchronised with each other and/or with an external system, such as a solid state regenerative amplifier / parametric amplifier. For that purpose, we offer an amplifier specifically optimised for operation at lower repetition rates in range 0 to 10 kHz.

Our proprietary frequency-doubling units can operate with Ikeos' amplified systems, as well as with the other pump sources.

Most common applications for our products are: seeding fibre amplifiers; time-resolved fluorescence measurements; testing of broadband electronic equipment; biomedical imaging and analysis; ultrafast, multi-wavelength pump-probe measurements.

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