About us

sub-nanosecond electrical generators; picosecond pulse electronics; picosecond laser diode drivers; single-pulse electrical generators; subnanosecond electrical pulse sources; ultrawide-bandwidth sources; UWB pulse generators; on-demand picosecond laser sources; directly-modulated picosecond lasers;

Ikeos Research Limited is a manufacturer of optoelectronic devices and subsystems. Our main area is development of compact modules and subsystems for generation and conditioning of ultrashort electrical and optical pulses, including pulse generation "on demand".

Our pulse sources are designed to operate as stand-alone equipment. On the other hand, the compact size, low cost and fully electronic controls make them ideally suited for integration in custom-designed electronic and optoelectronic systems. Devices with specification "single-shot operation" are guaranteed to function at any frequency below the frequency limit when triggered externally.

Most common applications for our products are: testing of broadband electronic equipment; UWB communications; driving ultrafast laser diodes; spectroscopy; custom-designed pulsed laser systems.